Exercise in a group setting has a tremendous amount of value as there is something quite special in putting the everyday nuisances of life aside and working your butt of among peers who share common goals. Capital Strength Group fitness has been progressively built and tested over the past 7 years and has proven to be successful with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours.
Our group fitness takes a “brilliant at the basics” approach to exercise and focuses on mastering movement patterns that we most commonly use in our everyday life. Picking things up, squatting, rotating and being able to posses proper mobility and stability through these various movement patterns form the foundation of our lives both in and out of the gym. “Earning” these abilities in the gym through proper regression/ progressions ultimately helps all of us become more efficient and effective people in all aspects of our lives.


Private Coaching services are a great way to start a personalized fitness routine that allows you to progresses with specific goals based on your fitness level and desired outcome. 1 on 1 coaching allows clients to “bridge the gap” from a lifestyle of being sedentary to active. At CSP this process involves screening of both movement patterns and energy systems that provide us with feedback of your body preparedness and abilities, upon which solid foundation is built. Whether you’re looking to increase strength or speed, CSP will help you become the best YOU that you can be.

Common Reasons to Invest in Private Coaching:

  • Individualized programming for specific results
  • Bridging the gap from injured to healthy
  • Convenience

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CSP offers closed-session corporate fitness classes, enabling companies to provide their employees with superior health and fitness opportunities. Employees benefit from healthier lifestyles, not only feeling better physically, but performing better mentally. Corporate fitness while also providing aspects of team building and boosting overall company morale. Give your company the best chance to succeed by e-mailing us to discuss corporate fitness options.


CSP can help your team build the pillars to success. These services are available to both athletes and coaches. Contact us today for a FREE team in-service, where either the coaching staff or the athletes spend a training session learning how to implement various techniques and drills to optimize on field performance!