Why CSP?

We would like to thank you for taking the time to consider CSP. We understand there are a lot of options, and while most gyms may appear the same, we would like to take a few minutes to explain the difference between us and our competitors. CSP is not an X-fit affiliate, nor do we share the same exercise principles. At CSP we focus on, and improve upon, 3 basic facets of physical culture to reinforce and develop an active lifestyle that transfers to activities outside of the gym.


Movement is at the forefront of a healthy lifestyle. Understanding how to move
efficiently, effectively, and in a pain free manner is something that everyone should both understand and practice. At CSP we teach this, we practice this, and we reinforce this on a day-in day-out basis.
“First move well, then move often” – Gray Cook


Strength and power are two qualities that can improve the performance of any human under almost any circumstance. The key to any of our past and future successes will always be our “brilliant at the basics” approach to strength and power development. Although exercises from the strength sports of power lifting and weightlifting do typically form the foundation of our power and strength training, we do not teach exercise as a sport itself, however it will definitely provide you with a great foundation if you are looking at exercise as your sport. Jumping/Landing, MB throws, Calisthenics, Basic Barbell and Kettle Bell movements are our tools, mastery and elite performance are our goals.


Speed Kills. Speed is a skill that should be built on strong fundamentals. Acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, and proper management of center of gravity form the foundation of speed and optimal overall athletic development. While being “fast” maybe the difference between winning or losing a game for a particular person, for another it might be precision decision-making at an optimal time for your company. Although we all have different “game time situations,” when we look at preparing for these daily opportunities we find that they share common practices. Nutrition, preparation (both physical and mental) and rest are all elements that contribute to our daily success. Understanding and learning to practice them on a daily basis enables us to capitalize on our opportunities and become more efficient, both on the field and in the office. Whether you are looking to cut a tenth of a second from your 40-yard dash or simply want to become more effective in the workplace, helping you become a more efficient version of yourself is a priority to us here at CSP.


  • Experienced coaching for everyone.
  • Cutting edge fitness, with programs designed for specific results.
  • Eliminate pain while simultaneously improving proper movement and progressing strength.
  • No nonsense approach to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Continually developed programs to undo years of bad habits.